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We understand that choosing to place your child in daycare is an emotional decision.

That is why we encourage you to talk to us about your needs and concerns while touring our facilities.

You’ll observe our hand-picked qualified, knowledgeable and nurturing educators at play. The Bright Days Early Education’s environment is an environment where your child will explore and thrive. We provide wonderful resources, combined with nutritious and delicious food and active learning programs.

Our philosophy is that every child is unique and deserves the best possible care and attention.

We encourage you to book a tour to discuss your individual needs.

You’ll discover Bright Days Early Education is the perfect space for your child’s developmental needs.

Kindy 3 – 4 years – independence, socialise, grow – Kindy

A burst in language development, the opportunity to learn about taking turns, and socialising is the stimulus for the fully funded Victorian government kindergarten program.

We provide a quality kindergarten program that incorporates the national quality framework specifically designed for 3-year-olds that offers them the opportunity to be more socially adept, better able to cope with their emotions and develop better attention skills.

This program lays the foundation of literacy and numeracy through play-based learning to inspire curiosity and discovery. Creating seamless learning builds stronger pathways academically and socially in early childhood.

Our Educators are about creating inspirational learning spaces for children, to help stimulate and encourage children’s learning and involvement with others and making friends. At the same time incorporating sleep, rest, and relaxation to help rejuvenate them for an afternoon of exploring.

As a child transitions into 4-year-old Kindy, they apply these skills acquired through play into more focused learning. This ‘scaffolding’ of skills and learning creates better learning habits, develops deeper literacy and numeracy abilities, and advances emotional resilience.

Personal Care