Our Rooms

We understand that the decision to entrust your child to daycare is a deeply emotional one. That’s why we extend a warm invitation for you to engage in open conversations with us during your personalised tour of our brand new facilities.

On your visit, you’ll witness our carefully selected team of qualified, knowledgeable, and nurturing educators actively involved with the children. At Bright Days Early Education, we meticulously craft an environment where your child can explore and thrive. Our offerings include an array of exceptional resources, paired with nutritious and delightful meals, along with dynamic and engaging learning programs.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that each child is a unique individual deserving of the highest level of care and attention.

We encourage you to secure a tour, providing you with the opportunity to discuss your specific needs with us.

This firsthand experience will reveal how Bright Days Early Education stands out as the perfect environment tailored to meet your child’s developmental requirements.

Babies – 18 months – nurture, comfort and support

In our nursery team, we wholeheartedly grasp the importance of crafting a comfortable and nurturing environment where young children can embark on their journey as budding learners.

The pace of learning in infants is truly remarkable! We are dedicated not only to embracing and cherishing each baby in our care but also to creating an environment that mirrors the comforts of home and offers secure spaces for exploration.

Our educators are keenly aware of the paramount importance of instilling a sense of safety and support in young children, especially as they begin to comprehend the vast world around them. Infants thrive with ample one-on-one attention, and to facilitate this, we maintain a low ratio of babies per caregiver. This allows us to respond promptly to the unique needs of each baby.

Undoubtedly, continuity of care is a top priority, as infants need time to establish attachments and trust in their daycare caregiver. As routines become familiar, children begin to cultivate a sense of belonging, resulting in growing confidence. Our dedicated team maintains open lines of communication with both you and your family, ensuring we understand each child’s individual needs and sharing the memorable highlights of their journey.

The nursery rooms offers a haven that combines nurturing, learning, and tranquility, providing the child with a platform to explore and thrive.

Pre Kindy 2 – 3 years – inspire, challenge and adventure

Step into our vibrant pre-kindy toddler room, a haven of natural settings and open-ended learning opportunities designed to ignite children’s imaginations and foster creativity.

Toddlers, naturally in constant motion, embody the role of active learners. We embrace and celebrate their innate curiosity and love for play, providing a joyful, challenging, and invigorating environment. Through the creation of a dynamic and adaptable space, we set the stage for a journey of discovery where children thrive by wandering, exploring, and navigating their evolving perceptions of the world.

In this setting, the toddlers’ social and emotional development blossoms as they engage with their peers. We offer abundant play-based learning opportunities that may not always be achievable within a home environment.

At the heart of our approach is the recognition that play is the gateway to learning. This pre-kinder space is meticulously designed to be age-appropriate, encouraging engagement with music, dance, art, and dramatic play. This holistic environment is dedicated to promoting active involvement and learning, capturing the unique essence of this developmental stage. Join us in cultivating a foundation for a future filled with curiosity and boundless possibilities!

Kindy 3 – 4 years – independence, socialise, grow – Kindy

Experience the transformative journey of language explosion, turn-taking introductions, and flourishing social interactions at the heart of our Queensland government kindergarten program.

Our unwavering commitment extends to delivering an exceptional kindergarten program meticulously tailored for 3-year-olds. Aligned with the national quality framework, this program empowers children with enhanced social adeptness, emotional coping skills, and improved attention capabilities.

At its core, this program serves as the foundation for literacy and numeracy, seamlessly woven through play-based learning that sparks curiosity and encourages exploration. This holistic approach sets the stage for fortified academic and social pathways during these crucial early years.

Our dedicated Educators are passionate about crafting immersive learning environments that inspire children. These spaces are curated to fuel engagement, nurture connections with peers, and facilitate the blossoming of friendships. Simultaneously, we seamlessly integrate elements of sleep, rest, and relaxation to ensure children are rejuvenated for their afternoon of exploration.

As a child progresses to the 4-year-old Kindergarten phase, they leverage the skills honed through play and apply them to more focused learning. This process of ‘scaffolding’ skills and knowledge fosters effective learning habits, cultivates deeper literacy and numeracy proficiency, and reinforces emotional resilience. This transition is a pivotal step in their educational journey, laying the groundwork for comprehensive growth. Join us in shaping a future filled with academic success, social confidence, and emotional resilience for your child!

4 year old Kindergarten – milestones, learning, flourish

Elevate your child’s educational journey with the graduates of our comprehensive full-day, high-quality four-year-old kindergarten program at Bright Days Early Education. Not only are they esteemed within our community, but local schools will recognise them for possessing the social, physical, and developmental readiness essential for a successful transition to Prep!

Our distinguished Head Start Curriculum sets a new standard, surpassing primary school benchmarks while nurturing emerging extra-curricular skills and passions.

Aligned seamlessly with the national quality framework, our Kindergarten program places a concerted emphasis on every facet of your child’s development – from social and emotional growth to physical, intellectual, and language advancement.

In this nurturing environment, Queensland children discover boundless prospects for flourishing. Among these opportunities, the most profound one is the freedom to explore and experiment without constraints on their learning voyage. This is indeed an exceptional Head Start!

Rest assured, we are committed to preparing your child not just for school, but for life. Our program instills resilience and equips your child to confidently embrace the world, fully primed and poised for their journey ahead. Choose Bright Days Early Education for a head start that goes beyond expectations!